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Antique and Vintage Woodworking Tools
There are a multitude of websites and resources out here on the internet centering around or focusing on antique or vintage woodworking tools.  Here are a few of those sites that we have found that might serve you in some sort of way. If you know of any web site that would fit within the original intent of this page as stated above (and that we don't have listed yet), or if you have a site yourself that fits within this page's purpose and you would like to exchange links with us, E-Mail us with the address of the site and we'll take a look.  If it fits our purpose, we'll get the link listed here.  With that said, Enjoy!
Please report any bad links to: info@oldaveswoodshop.com

A Collection Of Bit Braces - Old bit brace history and other information.
Antique Mystique Tools - Old vintage antique planes, levels, squares,spokeshaves, rulers, wrenches, chisels, clamps and tool boxes made by companies like Stanley and Keen Kutter and other woodworking tool manufacturers and memorabilia.
Antiques Of A Mechanical Nature - Buying and Selling American antiques and collectibles related to Tools and Technology, Scientific Antiques, and Patented and Mechanical Antiques and Collectibles is the primary focus of this website. 
Antique Tools Grandpa's Treasures - Specialists in vintage fishing gear and classic tools.  Over twenty years experience collecting and trading antique rods, reels, lures, as well as vintage planes and woodworking equipment.
Catalogue of American Patented Antique Tools - This site is intended to create a virtual catalogue of the most spectacular American patented tools.
Classic Tools Ltd - Company offers antique tools, collectible woodworking and hand tools for sale. An online shop and auction house for collectors of antique tools and related items. 
Don Bosse's Miller's Patent Page - This site is dedicated to the Miller's Patent Plow Plane.
Falcon-Wood- This company is not only your source for Old Woodworking Tools but also has tools from other trades including; Machinists, Coachmakers, Shipwrights, Wheelwrights, Leatherworkers, Coopers and more.
George's Basement - A website with a litteral ton of information and history on old tools.
Grandpa's Tool Chest - Company has hundreds of antique and vintage tools specializing in chisels, planes, measuring tools, and other quality tools. 
Inchmartine Tool Bazaar - Dealer in antique and quality old woodworking tools.
Jon Zimmers Antique Tools - Antique tools for woodworkers and collectors, and books that are the best references in the antique tool world. 
Martin J. Donnelly Antique Tools - Literally hundreds if not thousands of old antique woodworking tools and books.
Mechanical Nature Antiques - Company's focus is on buying and selling American antiques and collectibles related to tools and technology, scientific antiques and patented and mechanical antiques. 
Mel Miller's Antique Tools - Mel has collected old tools, etc. since the mid 80s, specializing in Davis Levels and Patented planes. Patented planes are all the odd, short lived planes manufactured in the US from 1850 on by various plane makers.
Millers Falls Home Page - This site serves as the directory to an encyclopedic study of the Millers Falls Company for the years in which it was located in Massachusetts. 
Museum Of Woodworking Tools - Website has many permanent exhibits of old woodworking tools.  Site also has a store.
MyOldTools.Com- Purveyors of vintage and classic tools.  Specializing in hand and power tools for the timberframer and cabinetmaker.
Old Tools Shop Magazine - Internet magazine for Gallots by Galoots.
Old Tools & Collectables - Old Tools is a UK supplier of used woodworking tool collectables and old engineering products. 
Old Tool Photos.Com - Old Tool Photos website mission is to provide a place for woodworkers and tool collectors to view photos of antique tools for research and reference.
Old Wood Working Tools - 1897 - Old woodworking tools, Antique tools & machinery.
Old Woodworking Tools & Machines - This web site is devoted to providing information and resources to those interested in antique woodworking hand tools and vintage machines.
Papawswrench.Com- Dedicated to collectors , buyers , and sellers of old adjustable screw wrenches (monkey wrenches), alligator wrenches , vintage end wrenches , and others . Coe's, Girard, Whitman & Barnes, Heller, Billings, Billings & Spencer,Williams, Proto, Plomb, Herbrand, Mossberg, etc.
Pennyfarthing Tools Ltd - A unique business that trades in what is probably the widest range of second-hand tools of any business in the United Kingdom. 
Philip A. Cannon II - Antique tool collector.  Especially interested in US manufactured 19th century measuring devices.
Planes From The Past - Quality Woodworking Planes.  Restorer and seller of old wood planes.
Railroad Mining Ghost Town Antiques - Lots of period antiques with a good focus on old woodworking tools.
Rose Antique Tools - Rose Tools offers tons of information on tools and the companies that sold them. They have scanned many old catalogs so you can try and identify a tool you may be looking for. 
Rosewood and Brass - Antique Tools for sale and information for collectors and users.
Saw Set Collector's Resource - This site is dedicated to saw sets only and will not include saw jointers, raker gauges, saw filing jigs or saw vises but if you're interested in this stuff, they have some info.
Saw Set And Vintage Saw Tool Museum - The World's largest and most unique collection. Hundreds of photos, patent dates, patent numbers and much more.
Steve Brackett's Tool Website - Planes, braces and saws.
Sydnas Sloot - Site offers a fairly extensive list of user and collector-grade woodworking and machinist's hand tools. 
Terry's Tools - Website of a furniture maker who has acquired two lots of antique woodworking tools originally belonging to two early 1800's woodworkers and is displaying them on this site.
The Best Things Vintage & Antique Tools - This company tries to offer a diverse selection of tools for the collector and discerning craftsman.
The Galoot's Progress - Old woodworking tool website with a good volume of information on this subject.
The Great Adirondack Tool Company - Antique woodworking tools.
The New Boston Tool Room Online - Antique tools, auctions, lots of tool photos and more.
The Old Tool Nut Journal - Old Tool Nut Journal is a monthly publication produced by Tool Classics.  Tool Classics buys, sells, repairs and restores antique and collectible tools.
The Toolshop - Company supplies antique tools, used woodworking tools and specialist new cabinetmaker's tools from their retail store where they offer the largest selection of used and antique tools in Europe - over 1500 wood carving tools are always in stock.
Tools 'n Rules - Buyer & Seller of Antique Tools and Rulers (or Rules).
Toolrestoration.Com- A service destination to conserve and restore hand woodworking tools. They also specialize in preserving unique wooden objects and artisan crafted pieces.
Union Hill Antique Tools - This web site dedicated to the use, preservation, and extension of antique tool knowledge. Here you will find many articles of interest if you like collecting antique tools. 
West Groton Tool Company - Company specializes in antique planes and woodworking hand tools from manufacturers such as Stanley, Sargent, Union, and Millers Falls. They also have machinist's and mechanic's tools from Starrett, Brown and Sharpe, Coes, and others. They also offer collector and user-quality books, machinery, and mechanical and electrical devices.
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