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I-Pod Charging Station Project
Kind of uncanny to say the least! 

After I had built our new red oak cabinets for our kitchen, my wife needed another item made to complement her I-Pod player.  The player is designed for an under cabinet mounting and we didn't want to screw the mounting brackets to the underneath side of the new cabinet frames.

With this in mind, I decided to make a stand to hold the player at a height that would be similar to the intended under cabinet mounted height and so that it would not be sitting directly on our new Corian® countertop.

I began by taking the overall measurements of the I-Pod player and the distance of the spacing from the top surface of the counter top and the bottom of the upper cabinets.  With these dimensions determined, I went into the shop to cut the pieces for a very simple stand to accommodate the player.

This project was not very complicated at all.  Not wanting to over design this thing, I simply cut boards to the dimensions needed, edge glued some of them together to get the desired width and let them dry.  I then cut half lapped joints at the rear of the stand and routed dados where the shelf was to be placed.

The last step before the glue up of all the parts was to bore a hole in the back to accommodate the cord to the player.  The pictures below show the assembled stand after the assembly and prior to applying the finish and top coating.
Left Side View
Left side view of I-Pod stand prior to final finish.
Right Side View
Right side view of I-Pod stand prior to final finish.
One of the other things that I did to the stand was to cut reliefs along the bottom edges of the sides to give the stand a little more interest than just the appearance of being basically a "box".  You can see this in most of the photos on this page.  The picture below shows the way the l-Pod stand looked after applying the stain and clear topcoat (which matches our kitchen cabinets).

View of I-Pod stand after finish was applied.
Again, the project was really very simple but kept me busy doing something in the shop and out from under my wife's feet!  After the finish had dried, we set the stand in the back corner of our new kitchen counter.  As you can see in the photo below, it really looks good and not out of place with our cabinets. 
Viw of I-Pod stand in place on the counter top.
The space below the shelf will eventually be filled with some of my wife's most favorite cookbooks.

As always, any comments will be welcomed.


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