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Charles Krieger's Router Table

I got acquainted with Charles on the Sawmill Creek Woodworking Forum a while back and he responded to a post that I had made about my workbench project.  During the conversations I had with him (through E-Mails), he told me about how he too, was impressed with the plans that appeared in Woodsmith Magazine (Issue No. 173) from which I had used to build my bench.

Charles told me that he also used that article and plan as a basis for building the base part of his router table.  He used BORG pine KD studs and a piece of double sided laminate for the top.  According to Charles, the laminate had once been a desk return.  The result is that the router table is rock solid and very flat. 

As you can see in the photo below, Charles added a cabinet and six drawers in the lower section below the top.

Charles Krieger's Router Table Project
Click on image for larger view.

Charles told me that this router table was one of his first projects and was a welcome addition to his shop.  I think it would be a fantastic addition to anyone's shop.... Agree?

Charles said that he has affectionately called his table a surfboard router table (and sometimes a tall skateboard).  As you can see in the photo, the leveling pads are used to raise the wheels off the floor when the table is in position.  He said that almost all of the tools and major pieces of equipment in his shop are on wheels so that he can utilize the extra space in his garage shop that is shared by the car.

Charles told me that the best part of this router table is that he really enjoys using it.  Can't blame him..... it's awesome!  If you feel like contacting Charles to get any more of the details concerning this router table (or just to chat), feel free to do so at:  charles.krieger@comcast.net

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