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Ol' Dave's Woodshop Links Page
If you've been around woodworking for any length of time, you undoubtedly know that there are literally thousands upon thousands of web sites on the internet related to this subject.  The links page here at 'Ol Dave's Woodshop is intended to hook you up with mostly woodworking hobbyist sites that are not necessarily commercial or professional web sites but that are representing average woodworkers like you and me.  We have other links on our web site listed in the Resource pages for commercial woodworking sites, magazine sites and the like. 

The links listed here however, will favor those of you who have sites or are looking for sites that would be more appealing to you, the average "Joe Woodworker".  These sites may have a small bit of  advertising, Google ads or other partner ads to help support the cost(s) of those sites, but generally will be fairly clean.   Through these types of sites we will most likely be able to see projects or ideas that you wouldn't see elsewhere in the Mega sites for woodworking. 

If you know of any web site that would fit within the original intent of this page as stated above (and that we don't have listed yet), or if you have a site yourself that fits within this pages' purpose and you would like to exchange links with us, E-Mail us with the address of the site and we'll take a look.  If it fits our purpose, we'll get the link listed here.  With that said, happy surfing!

Please report any bad links to: info@oldaveswoodshop.com

AddMe.Com- Search Engine Optimization.  Got a new site?  Try this service.
Andrew's Workshop - A very neat and well put together personal woodworking website.  Nice photos of Andrew's Shop.
Around The Woods - A very intense web site with major emphasis on wood turning lathe tips, techniques and projects for for beginners, intermediates and the advanced.
Austin Creek Woodworks - A fellow woodworker's personal woodworking web site.  An avid Washington state hobbyist who also happens to love sailing.
Bill's  Britton's Woodworking Homepage - Bill's emphasis is on building Mission or Arts and Crafts style furniture.  A good site to visit if this is your interest, too.
Bink's Woodworking - Free Woodworking Plans, Project Ideas, & Shop Tips.  Lots of good stuff on this website. 
Bobino's Woodworking Webpage - Tons of project photos and some of the shop stuff.  We kind of had fun browsing around this site.  You might too!
BuildEasy.Com- This site contains heaps of original free woodworking plans and projects as well as loads of other stuff.
Caril Chasen's Sculpture in Wood - A pretty neat wood carving artist's web site.  Lot of very cool carving photoes and technique tips, etc.
Dominic's Wood Shop - Some good photos of Dominic's major tools.
Excelsior Woodworks Web Site - A web site built around the use of old woodworking machines and hand tools. (Kind of reminds me of the beginnings of my own shop).
Geoff's Woodwork Site - Lots of joinery and cabinet making techniques and tips.
Ginder's Wood Shop & Antiques - Antique Furniture and Collectibles. Victorian, American Oak and Mahogany pieces.
Grampa's Workshop - Tips on woodworking techniques, projects, plans, finishing ideas, and some info on the various tools which you should probably include in your workshop.
Happy Woodworking.Com - There are a lot of project drawings, reviews and other good information on this web site........a site that you should visit when you get a chance!
Home & Garden Center - Company's mission is to provide the most accurate and up to date information available regarding home decorating, home remodeling, home appliances, home electronics, home finances, home maintenance, and lawn and garden. 
Howard's "In The Woodshop.Org" - An unbelievable amount of articles and other woodworking information has been accumulated at this web site.  You need to take a visit to see for yourself!
Jeff Gorman's Woodworking Notes - A good deal of how-to articles are present on Jeff's web site.
Joe Woodworker.com - An extremely well put together average "Joe Woodworker" web site with tons of useful information for the average woodworker (and pros too).  Site has good veneering info as well!
Lee Thomas Web Site - A very cool site showing a lot of the restored pieces of old woodworking machines that are present on Lee's shop.  Nice restorations!
Link Helpers - Webmasters helping webmasters develop high value relevant links. Promoting ethical web-marketing using the time trusted pillars of relevance and popularity.
MaineWoodworker- Site is designed to provide woodworkers, at all skill levels with helpful information that will aid them in the woodworking hobby.
Matt's Workshop - Project plans, Matt's projects, Links, Matt's Blog and much more.
Messman's Woodworking - A very thorough website built around helping fellow woodworkers with tips, resources, articles, etc.
Mike's Workshop - A Brandon, South Dakota woodworker's personal website with an emphasis on the use of the scrollsaw.  You might want to read Mike's life story while you're there....interesting reading!
Old Rebel Workshop - Tool reviews, Tips & Techniques, Carving & Lathe stuff!
Raymond McInnis Homepage - A History ot the Amateur Woodworking Movement.  Amateur Woodworking Interests and Projects.
Rick's Woodworking Website - Site includes a Woodworking Forum, A Free downloadable MS Excel Inventory Template for your shop, many links, etc.  Good site to visit.
Rod Peterson's "The Master Woodbutcher" - A website with a literal ton of information 
RMW Enterprises - Company make available a software application that pictorially indexes all of the articles that have ever been developed for Better Homes And Gardens WOOD Magazine.
Sal Marino's Woodworking Page - A helpful resource for all to share.
Sawdust and Shavings.Com - Woodworking Tools, Projects and Hardwood Information.  Lots of good tool reviews, etc. at this web site.
Sawmaking 101 - A guide for the beginning woodworker.  Lots of advice and tips for those of you who are just getting started in the hobby or are thinking about starting.
Sigafoos Woodworking Website - Neat stuff on this site!  Good amount of shop photos.
Smallfry Toy Airplanes - Small Fry Toy Aircraft offers 3 different sets of plans for constructing the coolest little toy airplanes that your kids can actually pedal around the house or yard!
TJ's Woodshop - Specializing in Heirloom Quality Fretwork and Intarsia.  Some of the finest scrollwork I've seen.
The Garage Shop - Some interesting stuff here on Mark's web site.
The Saw Horse Workshop - This site is dedicated to the beginner and intermediate woodworker.
Taylor Mantles & Surrounds Website - Where you will find some of the most beautiful wooden fireplace mantels, inspired by classic historical works and custom built for your fireplace.
Uncle Joh's General Store - Dedicated to making available those hard to find items that  bring  beauty  to  the  eye  and  pleasure to the soul.
Woodhelp.Com - Marc Phillps' very large accumulation of project photos, tips, articles, jig plans, and tools.
Woodwork Experts.com - Get expert advice for woodworking projects. Learn how to easily build your own furniture kits like a professional woodworker through easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.
WoodWorkStuff- A Collection of Helpful Woodworking Goodies by Joe Lyddon.
Workbenchdesign.net - Website is designed around the idea of helping others with building their own workbench.  Workbench Plans, Reader's Benches, Free Workbench Plans and New Ready Made Benches can all be found here!

Please report any bad links to: info@oldaveswoodshop.com



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