'Ol Dave's Woodshop - Where woodworkers are not all Pros  

'Ol Dave's Woodshop - Where woodworkers are not all Pros
                                                                   "Where woodworkers are not all Pros"
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East wall of 'Ol Dave's Woodshop
When viewing the East end of my shop you will see my current workbench as it appears now.  This bench is permanantly attached to the East wall and is about 12 feet long.  The view in the photo on the right is of the right half of the bench.  It is the only workbench that I have for now but plans are in the works to build a more traditional cabinet maker's workbench with front and end vices.  I use the bench I have now for all the smaller tasks that comes up such as mixing stains, finishing and the like as well as small assembly tasks.  It is also used for supporting all my bins for screws, bolts, nuts and other small parts and hardware. As you can see, I have my laptop on the right side of the bench where I can either create new or bring up old Autocad prints of my projects. 

I have a Kobalt 7 drawer upper tool box unit on a 4 drawer lower roll around unit to store all of my smaller tools and hand tools.  The units all have roller bearing drawers which is really nice.  I built drawers and cabinets below each side of the workbench to hold some of my other equipment such as air staplers, my Botch hand planer, routers, circular saw, sabre saw, biscuit jointer, etc.

I left a recessed area at the center of the bench so that I could store am extra roll around cart that I use for holding larger items for storage.  I occasionally use the roll around to hold some of my smaller hand tools at a project site in another area of my shop when required.

The left side of this bench can be seen in the photo at the left side of this page.  Again, you can see that I have built in some drawers and cabinets below the bench.  I have also built a larger cabinet above the bench which is used to hold paint, stains, wood fillers, sandpaper and other similar items.

In the corner where the East wall meets the North wall, you can see my current dust collector.  It is less than desirable but is adequate enough to take care of the chips from my DeWalt miter saw and router table which I have it hooked up to.  It is an Economy (brand) running at 1/2 hp which I bought at MSC and it is targeted for replacement in the near future with a more powerful unit that I can run ducting from so that I can service more pieces of my equipment.  I have not made up my mind what that unit might be as of yet but I am leaning towards an Onieda 1.5 Hp Super Dust Gorilla System unit like the one shown here on the right.

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