'Ol Dave's Woodshop - Where woodworkers are not all Pros  

'Ol Dave's Woodshop - Where woodworkers are not all Pros
                                                                   "Where woodworkers are not all Pros"
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North wall of 'Ol Dave's Woodshop

Once you're in my shop, you'll notice that I have some good pieces of equipment and some that will have to be considered "good as it gets for now" pieces (at least until the dollars become available to get the good stuff!)  The view in the photo on the right is the north wall of my 22' X 24' shop.  As you can see, one of the most important pieces is the stool to the right hand side of my 12" DeWalt compound miter saw and bench.  That's where I do my most important work!  (My Thinkin').  I made the cutoff support bench from a plan I saw in a magazine (I can't remember which one) and added my own under storage enclosures to it.
'Ol Dave's Workshop North Wall
Directly over the center of the shop (above my tablesaw) is my Jet Model AFS1000B Air Filtration System.  This unit does a fine job of getting the smaller micron sized dust particles out of the air (and most importantly....out of my lungs!)   The table saw (more on this table saw here) is an older Rockwell Model 4-345 mounted onto a shop built cabinet (another one of my projects from magazine plans).  It is retro-fitted with a Powermatic Model 66-TA Accu-Fence® system acquired from a company who bought one of these 66-TA saws to use in a production situation and not needing the fencing system.  I was able to acquire it for $00.00 - How lucky was that?

As you can see from the photo, I built some racks along the wall to hold some of my dimentional lumber.  I intend to improve the way that I store lumber at some point, but for now...this will have to do.
North Wall Miter Saw & Clamp Storage
In the photo on the left, you can get a closer view of the cut-off stand that I built for the 12" DeWalt miter saw.  Although this photo doesn't show it, I have it attached to my dust collector system that is in the North East corner of the shop.  Some of the loose dust that misses the collector tube is caught as it drops down through the bottom of the saw into a waste can placed in the lower center section of the stand.  The upper perches on the stand are in alignment with the top of the saw's table and includes a pair of hold-down clamps (not shown) on either end of the perches.

You might also notice on the wall above and left of the saw, my collection of bar clamps.  I am not any different than any other woodworker, I don't really have enough of these but guess what?  There is time to get some more down the road.

Well, that's about it for the Shop's North side view for now.........until I decide to change the layout.  Enjoy!

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