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'Ol Dave's Woodshop - Where woodworkers are not all Pros
                                                                   "Where woodworkers are not all Pros"
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'Ol Dave's South Wall Logo

The south wall in my shop is split in two halves by the entry door.  On the left side of the shop facing this south wall is where you will find my drill press, some sheet stock storage, a wall cabinet that houses stains, clear coats, thinners, etc. and a cabinet that I recently made to hold some of my specialty bits. Set out a bit from the left side wall is my Ridgid band saw.  I just recently upgraded from an older 14 inch Enco saw to this newer Model BS 14002 Ridgid saw seen in the two photos below.

Left side view of Rigid Band Saw
The photo on the left shows the left side of the band saw and a view of the wall cabinet containing the stains, etc.  while the photo on the right shows a right side view of the saw and my drill press.
Right side view of Ridgid Band Saw
You can also see in the photo on the right (in the corner behind the saw) my Kobalt 7 drawer top and 4 drawer bottom tool chest.  The drawers all have roller bearing drawer slides which makes it real nice to open and close with the weight of all my hand tools.  My drill press is also located in this southeast corner of the shop.View of drill press and bit storage cabinet.

You can't see it from the right photo above, but the entry door is just out of the picture and to the right but can be seen in the left photo above.  The photo on the right side of the page shows a fairly good picture of my drill press and table that I built for hold downs.  I have a wall mounted drill cabinet that I built to hold my forstner bits, spade bits and other drill bits for handy access when I need them.  The holding trays on the right side of the cabinet is designed to tilt outward for greater ease in getting the bits removed from the cabinet.
Right side south wall photo of 'Ol Dave's Woodshop
You can also see the entry door in the photo on the right which is the right side of my shop's south wall.  The top cabinet on the wall stores all my woodworking magazines (I subscribe to seven different ones) and below that cabinet is another cabinet that holds some of my hand sanders and other odds & ends.  Not going to tell you what is in the fridge but you can guess if you want to. 

Since the above photo was taken, I have built a new work bench that occupies the space where I used to do all my layout and assembly work (on an old door resting on saw horses).  You can see that I have two of the smaller dovetailed drawers (2 of 5) that are going into my wife's new kitchen pantry.  You can see the finished work of these dovetails on the project page for my kitchen project.
Porter Cable Model 4212 Dovetail Jig
I made the dovetails (in the above photo) with my Porter Cable Model 4212 Dovetail Jig shown here on the left.  I am really happy with this jig but the manual is a little bit vague in places which initially caused me to add some wood to my "bone pile".  I wrote an article that gets in to this subject a little bit and it is posted on the "Articles" page of the web site.  The router that I use with the jig is my Porter Cable Model 890 variable speed (shown on the left) which I also use in my router table.  Currently, I clamp the jig onto the bench that runs nearly full length along the east wall of my shop.  I also have a small bench top drill press on the bench that can be seen left of the jig in the left photo.

The router table mentioned above can be seen on another view of the shop on this shop tour.  That's about it for this view and I hope you can relate somehow to your shop what it is now or what it used to be.

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