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Woodworking Resources
There are thousands upon thousands of woodworking resources out here on the Internet that woodworkers can tap into to find information, help with projects or problems, parts or hardware, tool repairs, how-to articles, wood sources, project plans and so on.  We have tried to break some of them down into categories as follows:
Woodworking Tools, Hardware and Supplies
Wood Turning Materials & Related Sites
Woodworking Books, Magazines or Other Woodworking Publications
Hardwood Lumber and Other Wood Materials
Pen-Making Supplies, tools and other information
Technical Information, Conversion Data or other related Woodworking Info
Commercial Woodworking Sites
Do It Yourself Sites
General Information Sites
Woodworking Discussion Groups and/or Forums
Equipment or Tool Manufacturers
Turned Goods Web Site Links
Antique Tool Website Links

We certainly hope that you can get help through these web site links or find what you are looking for.  There are probably many more of these types of sites that we don't have listed here but it should be a good start for you.  If you know of a site that you think would be a good one to have listed, let us know about the URL (web address) of the site via E-Mail and we'll do our best to get it listed here.   Please report any bad links to: info@oldaveswoodshop.com

Woodworking Tools, Hardware and Supplies
2Sand.com - This company is well-known for one thing: supplying businesses and hobbyists with the best sanding supplies available.
Amazon.Com's Tool Crib - A great source for you woodworking tool purchases.
American Woodcrafter's Supply Co. - Top quality wood craft supplies and arts and crafts hardware.
Beaver Tools - Beaver Tools is a 20 year old manufacturing and distribution company specializing in woodworking equipment and supplies.  Check 'em out!
Buysandpaper.com- Company provides all types of sandpaper supplies, abrasive grit sandpaper sheets and other related products. Buy sandpaper online and save money on every product.
Carbide.Com - Blades, bits, cutters, saws.  They got 'em all!
Classic Hand Tools - Many woodworking hand tools available.
Constantine's Wood Center - Woodworking tools and supplies.
CPO's Tool Web Site - Site handles reconditioned Botch tools of all kinds. You might find a bargain here!
Diefenbacher Tools - Fine Hand Tools for the Woodworker.  Chisels, carving tools, gouges, paring tools, knives, planes, etc.  Great place for hand tools. 
Eagle America - Company offers over 3,500 items ranging from the largest selection of high quality American Made router bits in the industry, to over 1,500 other woodworking tools and accessories.
Ezee-Feed .Com - Infeed / Outfeed systems for Table Saws.
FestoolJunkie.Com- Where it's more than just tools......it's a culture!
Garrett Wade - Woodworking products, tools and accessories.
Hartville Tool - Quality Woodworking Tools & Supplies.  Company also stocks a wide range of essential, hard-to-find, and unique woodworking tools & supplies.
Japanwoodworker.com - Japan Woodworker has imported professional quality woodworking tools, fine cutlery and garden tools from Japan. 
JustClamps.Com- Not too much more to say here.  Clamps is everything in woodworking.  Company specializes in top brands of woodworking clamps and clamp accessories of all kinds such as Jorgensen, Shop Fox, Grip, Woodstock International, Penn State Industries, Irwin and Bessey.
King Fasteners Inc. - Specializing in fasteners and fastening systems.  Nailers, Pneumatic products, etc.  Company carries a long list of fastening products. 
Klingspor's Woodworking Shop - Company handles just about everything for the woodworker and his needs. 
Lee Valley & Veritas - One of the leading mail-order and retail suppliers of woodworking tools, gardening tools, and cabinet hardware. 
MLCS Woodworking - Router bits, router sets, clamps and cutters.  Good selections.
MSC Abrasive Sanding Belts - Browse a large selection of sanding belts from MSC Industrial Supply. A sanding belt serves numerous purposes, including grinding, blending, polishing, finishing and more. Receive your order of abrasive sanding belts the next day when you buy online.
Nail Gun Depo - Title says it all....pretty much anything you want in this category.  Check it out!
RouterBits.Com- Bits, blades, books and more.
Rustic Woodworking.com - A great source for tools and supplies for woodworkers and rustic wood crafters.
Savannah Toolhouse - "The building professional's online resource".
Smith Woodworks & Design - Company sells metal and wood cabinetry knobs and other iron, brass and wood decorative hardware.
StapleGunReviews.com- Find the Best Staple Gun for Your Next Project.
Stockroom Supply - Sandpaper Central!  Rolls, discs, belts, sheets, hold-downs, kits.
Summerfeld Tools - Router bits, saw blades, cabinet making equipment, plans & accessories.
Swanson Hardware Company - Cabinet products supplier.  Company has a hugh selection of cabinetry hardware available.
The Electronic Neanderthal - A repository of information on the use and preservation of old and antique woodworking tools: sources of tools and materials, events, organizations, books, and places to visit, both real and virtual.
The ToolPost - Company stocks wood turning tools, woodcarving tools, equipment and supplies, safety equipment such as respiratory protection, practical products such as dust extraction even books & DVDs.  All to serve the woodworker! 
ToolsforWorkingWood.Com- Company specializes in hand tools. Classic hand tools, new hand tools, from both large old line makers and new upstarts. They stock the complete line of Festool products.
Tools Today - Router bits, saw blades, shaper cutters, drill bits, planer & jointer knives and hand tools. 
Top 40 Woodworking Tools - A tally of the top 40 tools every woodworker should think about owning.
Tyler Tool - All kinds of name brand power tools and equipment.
Van Dyke's Restorers - Restoration Supplies for Woodworkers, Home Owners and Antique Restorers!  Over 25,000 products available.
Viking Mountain Tool Works - Tools, jigs, router bits and lots of other tool and woodworking stuff!
Woodcraft Supply - Power tools and accessories, hardware, wood products, hand tools, plans, project supplies, etc.  Company is very similar to Rockler.
Woodhaven- Woodworking tools and supplies.
Woodshed Tools - Company offers professional grade woodworking shapers and bits for the woodworker.
Woodworker's Supply - Woodworking Tools, Cabinet Hardware, Router Bits, and More.
Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools - In the woodworking cutting tool industry, a company has to be sharp and offer excellent quality to stay in the game. Vexor offers highly accurate, reliable tooling at a competitive price. You’ll always get personal service that will make you feel like a part of the family. Vexor feels that tooling has to be a good investment. Therefore, Vexor wants to develop tools that are going to help you grow as a company.

Wood Turning Materials & Related Sites
Australian Burls.Com - You won't find a larger variety and selection or better quality Aussie Burls outside Australia. 
Craft Supplies USA - Woodturning tools and supplies. 
Packard Woodworks - Company specializes in selling woodturning tools and supplies nationwide through their 100 page catalog. They carry an extensive inventory of products that meet the special needs of woodturners. 
Penn State Industries - Company specializes in wood turning and dust collection sources but also handles other woodworking tools and supplies.
Robert Sorby Company - A Sheffield, England based company. The world's premier manufacturer of specialist wood working tools with a heritage dating back over two hundred years. 
Turningblanks.net- Company sells domestic turning blanks.  Many varieties and types of blanks available.

Woodworking Books, Magazines or Other Woodworking Publications
Amateur Woodworker - An online magazine for the beginning woodworker. Plans, Tips, Etc.
Amazon.Com - Order woodworking realated books on line.
American Router On Line Bookstore - All kinds of woodworking books witha focus on routing.
American Woodworker Magazine - A great magazine for woodworkers.  This site actually has a lot of free stuff on its web site.
Fine Woodworking - A tremendous magazine with tons of information for woodworkers,  On Line information is vast!
Highland Woodworking Library - A Great web site for information of all kinds.  Many down-loadable how-to articles, Blog, Etc.
Popular Woodworking - One of the major woodworking magazines.  This is their on-line site.
Sam Allen Woodworking Books & Tools - Lots of woodworking stuff here!
Shop Notes Magazine - A great magazine and on-line site.  I subscribe to this magazine and can tell you that it is chocked full of helpful projects and tips and ewspecially jigging and fixturing.
The Woodworker's Library - Web site Offering discount books, plans and videos on all phases of woodworking and related subjects — since 1977.
Wood Magazine - Another super magazine for all levels of woodworking experience.  This is their on-line web site.
Woodshop News - The news magazine for professional woodworkers.
Woodsmith Magazine - This is the magazine's on-line web site.  With the Woodsmith Magazine printed version "you get more woodworking plans, more woodworking techniques, more woodworking jigs, and more about woodworking tools — and not a single ad". 
Woodworker's Journal E-Zine - This is Rockler's on-line woodworking projects magazine.
Woodworker's Journal Magazine - The home website for the printed version of the magazine.
Workbench Magazine - Magazine with emphasisi on home imporovement and woodworking tips.

Hardwood Lumber and Other Wood Materials
American Hardwood Information Center - Everything you need to know about the major American hardwoods, including characteristics, grades, strength and mechanical properties.
Badger Hardwoods Of Wisconsin -  Wisconsin hardwood lumber company offering mail order hardwoods and retail hardwoods.
Blue Print Joinery - Solid rustic oak cottage doors and crafted cottage doors. 
Collector's Specialty Woods - Lumber, Burl, building and furniture stock.
Cook Woods - Specializing in exotic hardwoods of the world.
Custom Cutting Millwork - Wood Doors, Front entrances and French doorways designed for custom homes.  Architectural designs to your specifications.
Dale The Burl Guy - Burls, turning blanks, slabs, and all the rest!
Duluth Timber Company - Premium reclaimed wood.  Company offers reclaimed timbers, lumber, flooring and other recycled woods salvaged from warehouses and factories, trestles and tank stock throughout the US. 
East Teak Fine Hardwoods - A wide range of top-quality hardwood products, including hardwood flooring, architectural mouldings, plywood, decking and ship timbers. 
Exotic Wood Identifier - A non-commercial site focusing on color-correct pictures of exotic and domestic woods.
Exotic Wood Group - A great Source for High-Quality Exotic Woods.  You can prettu much find them all here!
Exotic Woods USA - Fine Woods of the World.  Company offers all types of specialty woods.
Forest Products - A large selection of hardwoods and exotic woods.
Gallery Hardwoods On-line - A tremendous inventory of highly figured, unique tonewoods, stabilized woods for knife handles and pistol grip use and other exotic burl products.
Gilmer Wood Company - Company offers burls, slabs, turning woods and many other exotic woods for various uses.
Global Wood Source -  Forest products from around the world, in lumber, plywood, Veneer grade burl, Sliced and rotary cut veneer, Flooring and Millwork.
Goosebay Sawmill & Lumber - Company supplies cabinetmakers, contractors, artisans, part-time woodworkers and hobbyists.  Their specialty is figured maple, both Bird's-Eye and Curly (Tiger) maple.
Habitat Hardwoods - A wide selection of hardwood flooring and molding in a variety of sizes and styles from Victorian and Colonial to Contemporary. 
Hobbywoods.com - Exotic and Domestic Lumber, Tools, Kits, & Plans for Woodworking and the Woodcraft & Wood Hobby.
Hurst Hardwoods - Hardwood flooring and laminates.  Many wood choices in finished or unfinished products in many widths.
Itasca Wood Products - This company specializes in thin craft wood and carving wood for the hobbiest and wood carver. 
JFJ Wood Flooring - A family business that has been in the timber industry for over 150 years. They supply a range of solid and engineered oak flooring that is only of the highest quality and their site has articles, hints and tips to help you to lay wood flooring, look after it and get the most from it.
Logs To Lumber - This site has Oak, Cherry, Maple and Walnut for sale.
National Hardwood Lumber Association - Anything and everything you need to know about hardwoods including where to find it.
Newton Woods - Company in the business of salvaging black walnut burl and other kinds of logs from the agricultural grinders that use the pulp from Urban Trees and farming operations.
Ocooch Hardwoods - Supplier of  Scroll Saw Ready Hardwoods, Unsurfaced Hardwood Lumber, Plywood, Carving Stock and Intarsia Lumber.
Rare Woods USA - "Widest range of Rare and Exotic Timbers in the USA".
Redwood Burl. Com - Redwood burl slabs, Redwood and Maple Turning Blanks and carving blocks cut from our northern California woods.  Company also has Myrtle, Madrone, Manzanita and Yew.
Root River Hardwoods - Kiln Dried Lumber. Specializing in custom trim, flooring, paneling, stair parts, and interior doors.
Sebastian's Specialty Hardwoods - Reclaimed, Rescued & Responsibly Harvested Custom Floors, Woods, Cabinetry, Furniture.
Slim's Woodshed - Home of the largest woodcarving collection in the United States with over 4,000 pieces and growing!
Texas Woodcrafts - Turning wood stock from Texas woods - Mesquite, Texas Ebony, Huisache, Osage Orange and others.
The Woodshop - Custom cabinets, fine boxes and furniture as well as birdhouses & feeders. 
West Penn Hardwoods - Company specializes in turning wood, pen blanks and other exotic woods.
WoodByMail.Com- Just about anything you need to know about wood can be found here.
Woodfinder- Search engine for finding wood products.  Need to find something in particular....
Go Here!
Wood Magazine's Sheet Goods Selector - Article helps you to select the correct sheet material for your projects.
Wood Properties & Their Uses - A great page for wood identification: Includes common name, scientific name, geographic sources, appearance, physical properties, woodworking properties, and uses.
Woodfinder's Wood Library - A great web site with photos of dozens of wood samples and sources of where to obtain them.
Youngblood Lumber Company - Wholesale and retail supplier of fine hardwood and softwood lumber, plywood and decorative surface products. 

Pen-Making Supplies, Tools and Other Information
Arizona Silhouette - A litteral ton of pen-making supplies and other turning stuff!
Augums Pen Works - A leading supplier of wood pen kits, pen making tools, woodworking supplies and woodturning project kits.
Beal Tool Company - Company handles chucks, collets, mandrels, and other wood turning supplies. 
Bear Tooth Woods - Pen blanks and other pen turning supplies.
Bethlehem Olive Wood Supplies - Company sells Bethlehem Holy Land olive wood.  Site has history and other information about the wood.
BG Artforms - Scroll saw and pen turning supplies, books, pen blanks, etc.
International Association Of Penturners - Tons of penturning information.
Pen Making Supplies.Com - Pen Making Kits, Pen Kits, Pen Making Tools, and Pen Making Supplies.
Pen Tool Reviews - Penn turning tool, kit and book reviews.  A pretty intense reviewing based web site.
River Ridge Products - Turning blanks for pens, game calls, knife scales, pistol grips, rod handles, pool cue components, bottle stoppers, etc. 
The Pen Shop - Pen turning information, tutorials, articles and forum.  This site is all about pen turning.  If you are in to pen turning, this site is a good place to visit.
William Wood-Write - Canada's premier source for exotic wood pen blanks and pen kits.
WoodPenBlanks.Com- Unique Wood Pen Blanks including checkerboard, laminated, and Bethlehem Olive Cross Pen Blanks.
WoodPenPro.Com- Hawaian based pen turning supply company.  Got some cool stuff on this web site.
Woodturninz.Com- Lots of pen-making tools, materials and supplies.

Technical Information, Conversion Data and/or Other Related Woodworking Info
Directory Of Woodworking - Links to woodworking sites.
Drawer Sizer - A calculator to determine drawer sizes.
Wood Magazine's Drill Bit Speed Chart - A downloadable chart for determining drill press speeds based on bit types and size.
Table-Saw-Guide.Com- A great place to visit for a vast amount of information on table saws.  This website puts all that information in easy to understand, detailed table saw reviews (and all in one place). 
Woodworking Software From WoodWeb - Lots of free downloadable software for woodworkers.

Commercial Woodworking Sites
AB Fine Wood - Company offers a selection of high quality unique artifacts hand-made from North American and exotic solid woods. 
A & J Woodshop - A website for ordering custom made hadcrafts where you can select the size, finish and size of the item ordered.
Accent Building Products - Company offers a full line of Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Cabinets in a wide range of cabinet wood types, cabinet styles and finishes for cabinets. Our selection of quality Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Cabinets and value to your home.
Accents Woodcraft & Water Gardens - FREE woodworking patterns and water garden projects, woodworking and garden pond tips and info.
Al Ladd- Fine edge woodworking.  Jewelry boxes and cutting boards.
Alexis 221 Woodworks - Tool reviews, woodworking tips, woodworking forum and more!
All About Wood - Beautiful custom handmade wood clocks and pens.
AllCrafts.Net- Many different craft plans available on this web site.  They have a special section for woodworkers with lots of projects and plans available.
American Workbench - The name says it!  This company manufactures work benches.
Andrew Crawford - Fine decorative boxes, fine boxes to commission  -  box making courses  -  books.
Architectural Turnings - Company is a custom wooden turning source with milling capacity for fluting, reeding and twisting.  They specialize in wood turnings for architectural applications.
Artscraftother.com- Home improvement site.  Many topics and woodworking themed articles.
AZWoodman.Com- A very intense woodworking website focusing around wooden boxes and wood finishing.  A Good place to visit!
Bears Wood Shop - Prayer benches, tables, lecturns, crosses, etc,  Nice Stuff!
Beaver Buckets - Authentic wooden bucket, tub, churn and barrel reproductions and related information including how-to information.
Bennett Woodworking - Specialists in Solid Wood Hand Crafted Furniture.
Bill's Wood Creations - Specializing in unique affordable wood lathe turned black walnut bowls, other hardwood bowls, natural edge bowls, trays, vases, mouse banks, and other items made from hardwoods.
Birchwood Arts LLC - Woodcarving, Woodturning, and Pyrography.
Boxes by Boudreau - Artisan crafted jewelry boxes in exotic woods and burl veneers from all over the world.
Branch Hill Joinery - custom built Amish furniture and cabinetry.
CarveBuddy.Com- Site is dedicated to providing fellow carvers using the CompuCarve™ and CarveWright™ woodcarving machines with helpful resources to make your experience with these machines more enjoyable and productive. 
Casey Design - Custom woodworking company specializes in home theater furniture and entertainment center cabinetry.
CC Fine Furniture - Custom furniture maker with 20 Years of woodworking experience.
Cedar Creek Woodshop - Company will custom build & design various items from Western Red Cedar bird houses and bird feeders, to assorted types of planter boxes. 
Ciliberto's Woodworking - Handcrafted Vermont cedar products.  Window boxes, etc.
Company C Wood Shop - Web store of Gun Cases, Knife Cases, Medal Cases, and Flag Cases. Each Case is hand made to your specifications.
Contemporary Windsor Chairs - Contemporary handmade windsor chairs from the owner's own sawmill to the finished products.
Creative Woodworking Solutions - Company specializes in cabinetry, furniture and doors.
Custom Gate Online - Company specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-quality wooden gates, trellises, and carriage style garage doors. 
Custom Woodworking Design - Custom woodworking design and stained glass design in central Alberta, Canada. Rod has been designing custom wood furniture and accessories for 15 years and making stained glass creations for over 20 years. Specializing in the unique, Rod's projects are often designed and built to fit around structural fixtures, into curves, and angled walls and corners. 
Cypress Woodworks - a quality custom cabinet, furniture and woodworking company located in Cypress, Texas.
Daryl's Custom Woodshop - One of a kind furniture pieces and custom wood turning and carving.
D. C. Nauman, Chairmaker & Cabinetmaker - Furniture built in the tradition of the old Pennsylvania masters. 
Del's Woodcraft - Thin wood panels of domestic and exotic hardwoods.
DeWitt Woodworking - A custom furniture making shop located in Palmer Lake, Colorado, specializing in Arts and Crafts (also called Mission or Stickley), Greene and Greene, and Asian influenced designs.
Douglas Stowe Woodworker - Furniture and gifts from a woodworker of over 30 years.
E-ContractorBids.Com- Company provides consumers with “apples to apples” pricing online from pre-screened local contractors. 
Fine Woodworking For You Home.com - Fine Woodworking For Your Home Design your home with Fine Woodworking Architectural history and styles, period exterior trim and interior woodwork design, period furniture, carpentry and woodworking tips and other interesting architectural designs.
Fine Woodworking by Christopher Webb - Jewelry Boxes, Chopping Blocks, Cutting Boards, Ring Jewelry Boxes and Custom Wood Furniture.
Grumbleweed's Woodshop - Custom Wood Working and Carpentry Services.
Jensen Fine Furniture - Custom and reproduction furniture maker.
Jewelry Boxes in Exotic Woods - Jewelry boxes in exotic woods and burls hand crafted by award winning Florida artisan Donald R. Boudreau.
Ken's Workshop - Company specializes in the artistic use of different types of wood called Intarsia, beautifully handcrafted in the Missouri Ozarks.
Legacy Furniture - Company specializes in building high-end custom Furniture such as Entertainment Centers and Wall Units as well as Fireplace Mantels.
Lutonlogs Log Railing and Log Furniture - Log railings and log staircases.
Madden Millworks - A complete custom design studio and manufacturer of high-end architectural wood products. 
Machinio.com - Used woodworking machinery sales.
MC Carpentry - A full line finish carpentry company delivering high quality work to home builders and home owners.
Mountain Top Woodcrafts - Pine and Cedar chests, cabinets, etc.
Natural Tree Furniture - "Blending Nature with Creative Imagination".  This website has hundreds of pages of very cool stuff from natures wood.  Lots of links to woodworking stuff! 
NewWoodworker.com- A woodworking site designed to help out the new woodworker with Articles,Basics, Books, Plans, Projects, Reference, Tips & Tricks, Tool Reviews,Videos, Etc.
N. Dean Mosey Jr.'s Woodworks - Site has an ever-changing assortment of furniture and accessory items that may be purchased for your home, retreat or business. 
Nathan Stanley - Fine furniture, lathe turnings, wood carving and portrait sculptures. 
NockOnWood.Net- Custom mantles and woodworking.  Hand crafted custom designs.
Oak Furniture Shop - On-Line oak furniture store.
Our Woodshop - A small family custom furniture business located near North Canton, Ohio. Everything they sell is hand-made by them in their woodshop. So it is "Made in the USA".
Pop's Wood Shop - A variety of handcrafted wood products ranging from country and primitive tables and cabinets to children's items including strollers, time out chairs, snack trays, doll furniture (high chairs, swings, and school desks) and child sized furniture.
Regal Paints - Company is an independent supplier of wood paints for all types of wood products.
Replacement-Doors.Com- Company provides all kinds of information relating to home decor, in specific, about replacement doors.
Rustic Woodworking.com - "Log on" for tools, supplies, information, and parts, for all of your rustic and traditional woodworking projects. Draw knives, tenon cutters, lumber mills, chain saw attachments, plus all of the hardware and parts for almost any project. We also now offer finished log furniture and rustic home accents and gifts.
Sculpture in Wood - Lots of wood sculptures and wood carvings.  Great looking photos.
Smoky Bear Log Works - Hand Crafted, Furniture, Lamps, Gifts, Home Interiors, Walking Sticks, Souvenirs Picture Frames, Hand Railings and More.
Steven Kennard - Woodturner and Furniture maker.  Cool looking website!
Swingplans.Com- Company specializes in producing uniquely designed, quality constructed woodworking project plans for porch swings and gliders.
T & D Designs - a company that designs and builds unique cabinets and furniture.
The Advantage Woodshop - Custom millwork facility that specializes in creating unique residential and workspace cabinetry. 
The Home & Garden Center - Up to date information available regarding home decorating, home remodeling, home appliances, home electronics, home maintenance, and lawn and garden.
The Keltic Woodshop - This company specializes in custom cabinetry, furniture, and unique fine wood products in a personalized old fashioned handcrafted way. 
The Wood Nook - Makers of Personalized Love Hearts, Desk Signs, Name Plates, Name Hearts,  Anniversary Plaques, Holiday Items, Etc. 
Tiger Maple Shed - Tiger Maple Custom Built Furniture. 18th Century Style Craftsmanship.
Tim's Wood Shop - Handmade hardwood doors and solid oak doors.
U.Bild.Com- U-Bild has provided America's favorite woodworking plans since 1948. U-Bild project plans are ideal patterns for woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers of all skill levels.
Wayne's Woodcrafts - Company offers a variety of unique scroll sawn and fretwork wooden treasures that would make great gifts or add to your collection of collectables. All items are handmade with care from a variety of local and exotic hardwoods.
Web Wooden Blinds - Affordable made to measure blinds made in the UK.  If you're looking for great looking window treatments, this is the place!
WGH Woodworking - Website owners specialize in designing, building, and installing traditional and modern doors handcrafted from selected hardwoods, softwoods, and native mesquite.
Willow Creek Wood Shop -  A wide assortment of unique, handcrafted cowboys, horses, Native American arts, and wildlife wood products in their wood shop by using the finest pine, oak, and plywood.
Wisconsin Wood Chuck - Hand made wooden toys, construction equipment, vintage automobiles, trains and tractor/trailer replicas.
Wood Projects Made Easy Inc - Fast, Fun, Easy to follow Plans. Wood Plans for your home, your office, the shop, and for the kids.
Wooden Classic Wheels.com - The finest wood models built in the USA.
Woodshopbits.com - Need router bits?  This is the place!  Hundreds of router bits available.
Woodshopics - Great ideas and pictures to help in organizing and equipping your home workshop including a hand tool storage rack and router table with plenty of storage for router bits.
Woodworkers Auction - The Ultimate World of Fine Woodworking From the Hobbyist to the Master Woodworker - Sell Your Woodworking - Decorate Your Home.
Woodworkers Fretworks - Company specializing in hand cut wooden items for your home and/or office.
Woodworkers Resource - A very informative and well put together woodworking website with countless well written articles, tips and a host of other resources.
Woodzone.Com- Website has a collection of free articles, tips, and other resources that are designed to help the beginner get started and the intermediate woodworker enhance his or her skills. 
Wyatt's Woodworking - Custom Furniture, Book Cases, Outdoor Furniture, Country Crafts, Wood Signs, and Furniture Repair.
Yard and Garden Structures.Com - Custom designed, high quality, one of a kind special made items that can't be found elsewhere.

Do It Yourself Sites
The DIY Network - Nuff Said!  This is one of the most comprehesive web sites out there for the DIY'er.  Need to know how to do something you've never done before?  Check out this site!
Lowe's How-To Library Page - A great place to go for help with projects.
The American Woodshop - On-line presense for a favorite among public television audiences over the past 15 years.  American Woodworking Master Scott Phillips is your host.
Woodgears.ca Woodworking Website - Woodworking articles, projects, tools and techniques.
Workbench Ideas - DIY Workbench articles, ideas, tips and other information for the guy (or gal) who needs to know.

General Information Sites
101 Free Woodworking Tips - Accumulations from the collective sources of Woodsmith, ShopNotes and Workbench magazines.  Great information source!
Allan's Wood Miser's Workshop - A woodworking help site packed with insider professional tips and techniques on how to stretch both your budget,.. and your skills. 
Alan's Factory Outlet - Woodworking Resources - For the Beginning Builder.  A great resource within this website for beginning woodworkers.  The site has links to several sources for woodworking teminolgy and other things that will help those who are new to woodworking.  Check it out!
American Sycamore Woodworking Retreat - American Sycamore Woodworkers' Retreat is an excellent woodworking school dedicated to teaching the art of craftsmanship.
Beginner's Guide To Woodworking - Entry level woodworking information.  A very informative site if yu're just getting started.
BenchMark- This website provides technical information to woodworkers, about woodworking related projects, machines, and techniques.
Better Woodworking.Com - Website to help you find the woodworking information you need -- links and info about: Free Woodworking Plans, power tools, shop accessories, shop supplies,  woodworking tips, how-to articles, wood, hardware, finishing supplies, project plans, and much more.
Bloomington WoodWorks - A woodworking cooperative and school for woodworkers of all backgrounds and experience levels. All are welcome to sign up for classes or stop in during community shop time to work on individual wood projects.
Dave's Wood Working Site - Lots of good woodworking information here!
Diablo Woodworkers - A club for all woodworkers.
Geerten Verberkmoes Website - On this site, you can see handmade violins and guitars and find out how these instruments are made.
Import Advantage Woodworking Links - Nice collection of woodworking help links from the Import Advantage website.
InternetWoodworking.com - Lots of links to woodworking information, plans, tesources and the like on this site.
Jeff Greef Woodworking - Furniture and home improvement project plans for the hobbyist woodworker and do-it-yourselfer.
K J Woodworking - Woodworking, Furniture Refinishing, Custom Woodworking with Woodworking projects, antique wood furniture refinishing, furniture refinishing, woodworking tips, learn to build custom furniture, and learn woodworking basics at kjwoodworking.com.
Kevin Brady's Woodworking Website - A litteral ton of woodworking information and links.
Madrona Woodworks - A neat woodworking website with a very cool workshop in the woods. 
Making Time Clock Shop - Custom Designed Clock Plans to fit your woodworking expertise, from Beginner to Expert. Plans include a complete materials list, hardware required and sources to purchase all required components.
Mickey Hudspeth's Woodworking/Carving - Woodworking, Woodturning, Chip carving.
New Woodworker.Com - Web site offering articles, books, plans, projects, tips & tricks, tool reviews, videos, etc.  A fairly comprehensive site that you should visit!
New Yankee Workshop - This is the home Internet base for Norm Abram's New Yankee Woodshop TV Show.  Site has ton's of woodworking information for you.
Nokes Woodworks - This site was built to talk about all woodworking subjects.
Built for the pro as well as the hobbyist.
Old Woodworking Machines - Your source for information on vintage woodworking machinery.
ProWoodworkingTips.Com - A woodworking site built by a professional woodworker. With close to 350 pages of content and more added daily, there`s always something new for everyone. Created to pass along tips, techniques and free woodworking plans.
Rick's Woodshop Creations - Good site with various links including an index of topics in over 30 woodworking and DIY home improvement magazines.
Sal Marino's Woodworking Page - A shared resource for both Amateur and Professsional.
The Crow's Nest - Personal woodworking website.
The Master Woodbutcher's Web Site - The home of woodbutchery and shop talk. Web Site is constructed around the woodworking hobby and witha touch of good humor.
The Woodshop - This site provides many wood kits for crafters and a multitude of other woodworking projects.
The Wood Whisperer.Com - An extremely helpful on-line woodworking help site.  This site is one of the most comprehensive and thourough woodworking websites on the 'net.  Check it out!
The Woodworker's Library® - Offering discount books, plans and videos on all phases of woodworking and related subjects — since 1977.
The Woodworking Shows Web Site - Site lists upcoming Woodworking shows, sell tickets to them, etc.
The Woodworking Web - Things to know and places to go are revealed on this web site.
This Old Workshop - Lots of woodworking specific information and tool reviews.
TurnenWood.Com- Free woodworking projects, tool reviews, and links to resources. 
Twisted Knot Woodshop - "There's never been a classier joint".  Well put together web site with lots of informational resources for woodworkers.
Sam Allen's Dictionary of Woodworking Terms - A real good dictionary for most all of the words or terms used in woodworking.
Sawdust Making 101 - A guide for the beginning woodworker.
Sawdust and Shavings - Woodworking Tools, Projects and Hardwood Information.
ValRose Wood Works - Projects, Jigs & fixtures, hand tools, etc.
VanVleet Woodworking - Derik VanVleet's hobbyist personal woodworking website.
Webring's Woodworking Web Site List - One of the most popular web site listings of Woodworking Web sites.
WoodCentral - Forums are the heart of WoodCentral, where you can exchange timely, lively answers to every imaginable woodworking question, from some well-known and not-so-well-known folks!   Site also has numerous links to helpful woodworking info.
Woodnet.net- Woodworking Tips, Techniques, Tool Reviews, Plans and Supplies for Woodworkers. All from the editors of three of the most respected woodworking magazines around: Woodsmith, ShopNotes, and Workbench.
WoodProjects.Com- Company offers the largest categorized collection of plans from America's most popular plan companies. They currently have more than 9,000 projects to choose from of which more than 2,500 are free!
Woodshopics.Com- Helping to improve the home workshop by encouraging and sharing ideas and pictues on woodshop layout, tool storage, woodworking machinery and best practice tips & techniques.
WoodWeb - Woodworking Industry Information.  Good site for woodworking hobbyists as well.
Woodworker's Benchnotes - A Woodworker's Bench Notes is a collection of plans, jigs and information accumulated over the years. 
Woodworking.Com- The web's most complete resource center for woodworkers. 
Woodworking Online - This website is dedicated to the skill of woodworking (carpentry, joinery, cabinetry, marquetry, etc). The site features an online ebook that introduces people to the art of woodworking.
Woodworking Worldwide - This web site was created as a directory of links to woodworking, and woodworking-related, web sites from all over the world. 
Woodworking with Don Cross - Lots of info and photos of woodworking projects, etc.
WoodworkWeb.Com- An interactive resource for all woodworkers.  Well put together web site!

Woodworking Discussion Groups, Blogs and/or Forums
Family Woodworking Forum - Family Woodworking Forums for the whole family -  Good Site!
LumberJocks Woodworking Showcase - Woodworking discussion groups, blogs and forums.
Matt's Basement Workshop - Website featuring podcasts for amateur woodworkers.  Lots of neat stuff and things to view.  "An amateur woodworker talking shop."
RouterForums.Com- On-Line Router and woodworking community.
Sawmill Creek - Large group of woodworking forums.
The Able Workshop - Resource Web Site forum for disabled woodworkers.
TotalFark Woodworking Guild - Woodworker's Forum.  "We like to play with wood".
Wood Magazine's Woodworking Forums - A great group of forums for the woodworker.
Woodshop News Woodworking Forum - Another good group of forum topics.
WoodNet Forums - Web site has a good list of woodworking forums in place.
Woodworker's Central - Woodworker's Website Association.
Woodworking.Com - The Web's Woodworking Supersite discussion forum.
WoodworkingTalkCom- The Woodworkers Forum.  Another great woodworking forum.

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