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Alfred Hoffmann's woodshop tour review

I met Alfred Hoffmann through the Sawmill Creek Woodworking Forum and struck up a friendship with him.  He responded to one of my posts, visited the Ol' Dave's Woodshop website and, as a result of that post, noticed that we have posted a few shop tours on our site.  Alfred asked about submitting some photos of his shop and if I would be able to use them on the website.  This site is relatively new and still building content so I, of course, wanted to to that for him. This not only serves the content side of the equation but lets others have the opportunity to see other folk's shops, too!  So...... Here are the photos.  Enjoy!

Entry way into the shop portion of the basement shopAlfred's Michigan shop is located in his basement.  It is an "L" shaped shop of about 280 square feet.  As you enter his shop from the upper level, the view that you will see is in the photo on the right.  You would need to walk past the Rikon sander and DeWalt planer to get to the area that bends to the left making the "L" shape of the shop. Alfred told me that since the space is rather limited, he has most of his equipment on mobile bases.

Partial North wall view of shop and entry way
If you would continue around the bend of the "L" and past his workbench and look back to where you came from, the view you would see is part of the North wall shown in the photo on the left.  The entry way that you came through is shown in the upper right of this photo.

Below are some more overall views of Alfred's shop.

Part of the East wall that is mostly used for electrical tools and supplies.  This area also contains a small bench top and steel vice.
Part of East wall showing mostly electrical tools.
This is a partial view of the South wall.  This section of the shop is used for storing and using mostly mechanical tools   (Wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.)
Partial view of South wall.
Part of the West wall, which is an area that is used to store and use woodworking hand tools.  The area is also used to store a good supply of clamps.
West wall view with woodworking hand tools.

Alfred uses a 10" Bosch contractor's type portable table saw shown here.
10 Inch Bosch contractor's portable table saw.
Here, you can see some of the table saw attachments and accessories that he uses with the saw.
Table saw attachments and accessories.

Below are some closer views of the 10" Rikon disc and belt sander and the DeWalt DW 735 planer that you seen in the beginning as you looked at the picture coming through the entry way down into the basement shop.  This is some pretty neat stuff, especially the Planer.  It's the model I almost bought for myself but opted for the previous model to it, the DW 734.  I guess I'm just a tight wad!
10 Inch Rikon Disc and belt sander.
DeWalt DW 735 Planer

DeWalt Mortiser & Rikon Drill Press

Alfred also has a DeWalt Mortiser and a Rikon Drill press shown in the photo on the right.  These are two very nice pieces of equipment that I am sure earns their keep in his shop!

Shop built router table with full set of drawers.

Another nice piece of equipment is Alfred's shop built router table that houses a Porter Cable Model 890 router (this is the same model that I use in my own shop built router table).  This variable speed router does a very fine job used for this function!  Check it out in the photo on the left.

Below you can see some more pieces of equipment that is used in Alfred's shop.
This is a picture of a JDS dust collector. 
JDS Dust Collector
Another wall mounted Craftsman shop vac that gets pressed into service at times.
Wall hung Craftsman shop vac.
This is a shot of Alfred's 14 inch Jet band saw.  Reallt nice!
Jet 14 inch band saw.

Workshop reference system

Alfred has an extensive information and reference system (shown here on the right) which he keeps nicely placed and organized so that it is not too far away when he needs it.  Good job alfred!  Alfred's shop also has a Jet AFS 1000B air filtration system.

Bench Top Riser
One final thing..... Alfred says that he found that bending down and doing close up work raises havoc with his back.  So, he built a small work bench that sits on top of his regular full sized work bench which raises the work to a more comfortable level.  He found the plan in Fine Woodworking Magazine.  Very nice job don't you think? 

If you want to know more about Alfred and/or his shop, you can E-Mail him at:  ahoffmann@chartermi.net


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